Bikini Body

Moda Star Can Help You On Your Journey to that Bikini Body

At Moda Star Swimwear, we make clothes for any bikini body. We all know a bikini body is sexy, daring … and always the center of attention. So, let Moda Star Swimwear help you develop your bikini body just in time for your cruise or next resort vacation. Moda Star is committed to helping you achieve the perfect Bikini Body. If you’re feeling flabby around the middle, don’t worry. A slim and sexy waistline isn’t just a dream; it can be a reality … if you work at it.Moda Star Can Help You Develop That Perfect Bikini Body

We all know that the thickness of your mid-riff is the result of several factors … including age, family ‘genes’, hormones and eating habits. But, there’s one factor that actually helps … its called exercise. And it just so happens, your abdominal muscles respond quickly to tight tummy exercises like sit-ups and crunches. That’s pretty good news, huh?

I have to warn you all though … different body types will respond differently to these exercises. So, remember to consult your doctor and/or a personal trainer before beginning any work out routine.

And the same goes for your diet.  Most people think cutting out the fat will help them develop a hotter looking body. And in most cases, it does. But don’t forget that your body is a highly complex machine; and it will instantly respond to changes in exercises and diet.

Still … it’s not a bad idea to cut the ‘bad’ fat out of your diet. Things like margarine, cream sauces, chips, French fries and donuts (Oh man, I live for two donuts and a cup of coffee in the morning.) are heavy in trans-fats. Those are the bad kind of fats I was talking about. You’ll find more information along with a complete list of foods that are highest in trans fat by visiting the Food and Drug Administration website at:

Another tip for keeping the tummy trim is to slow down when you eat. With all the ‘rush-rush’ attitudes around, most people don’t realize that food should be enjoyed at a natural, normal pace…. Not shoveled in like a back-hoe. Experts recommend chewing your food thoroughly to avoid abdominal bloating ‘cuz that never looks good.  And don't eat on the road.  Unless your on the road for several hours a day (like a trucker) eat meals at a table.  Make it a ritual, that cuts way down on snacking and fast eating.